T & D Enterprises BT-7672-MASSAGE-BK-GG Review – A Practical Choice

The T & D Enterprises Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base brings affordability to some excellent massage chair features. With five settings that can massage different parts of the body at various intensity levels, many “sitters” will find this an enjoyable and comfortable way to recline and relax in the privacy of their own home. Not only the chair, but the ottoman also posses built-in comfort options. This product is a practical choice for those wanting to obtain a worthwhile massage chair for a reasonable price.

T & D Enterprises BT-7672-MASSAGE-BK-GG

Specifications and Features

This chair is fairly lightweight at only 54 pounds, is covered in black faux leather, and comes with a leather-covered accompanying ottoman. Even the bases of the chair and ottoman are wrapped in leather, but they are are made of steel. The chair reclines up to about 180 degrees and comes with wiring, switches, and handheld control device. The cushioning is double-padded and present on the back, the seat, and the foot stool.

Both the foot rest and the chair itself can be adjusted according to the intensity and location of massaging. There is a side storage pocket on the right side of the chair.

The dimensions of the chair are as follows:

  • The base has a 24 inch circumference
  • The chair sits 17 inches above floor
  • The back piece rises 30 inches from the seat
  • The seat cushion is 21 inches square
  • The total dimensions are 29 x 46 x 42
  • The dimensions of the ottoman are 16 x 16 inches.
  • The weight holding capacity is about 250 to 300 lbs.

This chair runs on electric power, and it plugs into a normal U.S. outlet, with an input voltage of 100 to 240 and an outlet voltage of 12.

The Good

We have here a massage chair that is quite a good deal for the price. It comes with a warranty, is fast and easy to assemble (even the tools are included), its light weight makes it easy to move around (but it is sturdily centered on its metal base), and it offers a swiveling motion to those who enjoy turning round. It has cushioning, vibration, heat, and reclining options that makes it very comfortable to sit in.

Even the ottoman partakes of many of the chair’s special massaging features, allowing “ankle massages.” With five massage level settings and ability to target upper or lower back, bottom, or foot, it offers some real options to the user. Additionally, the vibrations are not too loud, so one can converse or fall asleep on the chair. Heat shuts off automatically after half an hour as a safety measure. The timer and controller are easy enough to operate. Finally, the faux leather does not crack and tear easily as is the case with many faux leather products.

The Bad

Some of the main complaints about the chair include:

  • It merely vibrates and does not deliver a rolling massage,
  • The leather is fake and somewhat thin (no match for a cat’s claws),
  • It only comes in one color- black,
  • The height is not adjustable,
  • It turns but does not rock,
  • It tends to naturally recline a little instead of having a straight up position, and,
  • For some, the fact that it is made in China is also an issue.

There is a slight issue that is common in which the control lights go dim and the buttons stop responding, but it is easily correctable by simply dis- and re- connecting a wire attachment at the bottom of the chair. Of course, such does not always happen, but it has been reported more than once.

The Verdict

All in all, as massage chairs go, this a very good deal for what one is getting. The price is right, and there are a lot of good features. That said, those who want the absolute best in existence massaging chair will have to look elsewhere (and pay more).

It is a very comfortable computer desk chair, far better than a non-massaging chair. The chair really does help with back aches and pains and keeps a majority of users satisfied with the comfort level. Some will be more exacting in their choice of massage chair and wish to imitate better the effect of a massage parlor quality massage, but this chair is more than adequate for the needs of the average customer. It is also about as good a price as can be expected for this level of chair.

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T & D Enterprises BT-7672-MASSAGE-BK-GG

T & D Enterprises BT-7672-MASSAGE-BK-GG Review – A Practical Choice
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