Relaxzen 60-425111 Review – Quality at an Affordable Price

The Relaxzen 60-425111 is a reclining lounge chair that comes equipped with a heating function, which enhances the effectiveness of the massage and your comfort level. Stunningly covered with the appearance and feel of high-quality leather, this lounge chair will certainly enable a good night’s sleep after a long day of work. Below you can discover the many perks of owning this leisure chair.

Relaxzen 60-425111

Specifications & Features

Complete Body Massage

Equipped with eight vibrating motors designed moderately to massage your mid-back, calves, upper back area, and then your thighs. It is carefully designed for a thorough massage which will calm and relax your body and mind.

Independent Massage Zones

An additional feature this lounge chair provides is an independent massage zone. This function allows the user to only have specific parts of his body massaged. This lounger also comes with nine pre-programmed modes together with five intense levels you can select. From soft to hard, this lounge chair offers many levels of therapeutic massages to choose from.

Heat Therapy

This leisure massage chair delivers heat to the lumbar zone, which promotes healing for those suffering from back pain; particularly in the lumbar area. The calming heat treatment combined with a gentle massage helps to relieve the pain.

Swivel and Recline

For an assortment of tension adjustments, the Relazxen 60-425111 lounge chair reclines and swivels, allowing you to modify the chair to your specific height.

Timer and Shut-Off

Because of the programmable timer, you can control the length of your massage. With an automatic shut-off function, the chair will automatically turn off after 30 minutes of use; in case you fall asleep.

Rock-Solid Construction

The Relaxzen is sturdy, as the frame is made with steel. Another great feature is that it is waterproof. The durability is ideal for men, and the waterproof feature is perfect for accidental spills.


Operation of this reclining chair is easy because you have a remote control, which allows you to regulate or control the massage settings along with the heat.

The Good

The most significant advantage of this chair is the cost. If you cannot afford one of the high-dollar massage chairs, this chair is budget-friendly, yet provides many of the same rewards of owning the more expensive brands. Also, the upholstery is comfortably-soft and mimics high-quality leather. Enjoy all the paybacks of purchasing this reclining lounge chase, as it environmentally-friendly. Furthermore, this chair is offered in a stylish chocolate brown color, and adds richness to any decor. Equipped with a superior foam, this chair enhances comfort and relaxation.

This massaging lounge chair is covered with a thick material that is durable and easy to clean; simply wipe it over with a dampened cloth and that’s it. The chair also comes with a remote control that provides you with complete control over the massage functions. You can control the heating level settings and adjust the softness and firmness of your massage.

The Bad

The main issue of the chair is its size, as it is very bulky and awkward. It may not be suitable for a smaller size apartment, but ideal for regular and larger size homes. The limited warranty may be considered a disadvantage as the manufacturer offers just one year – limited warranty against flaws. Furthermore, assembly is required for the chair. Because of the chair’s large size, it takes a bit of effort to assemble.

The Verdict

To sum up, the Relaxzen 60-425111 Lounge Chair is a solid investment for both style and relaxation. The chair comes equipped with a series of massage modes, and it is very friendly on the budget. This chair is perfect for winding down and relaxing after a hard-day’s work. A high-quality massage doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and this chair is similar to a professional masseur. When considering the savings and the effectiveness of purchasing this chair, the advantages outweigh the few disadvantages.

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Relaxzen 60-425111

Relaxzen 60-425111 Review – Quality at an Affordable Price
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