Are Massage Chair Vending Machines Profitable?

With little capital and a good location, you can venture into the spa and beauty business by installing massage chair vending machines which generate good returns on a daily basis. You can basically locate this therapeutic machine at a high traffic location as it occupies a small area, requires little maintenance cost and little human input in order to function.

There are a couple of locations where a therapeutic chair can be located. They include spa and beauty parlors, clubs, car washes, casinos, hotels and restaurants, hospitals and airports. This are high traffic locations and can earn you some income effortlessly, massaging customers on the back, shoulders and legs using a wide range of pre-programmed setting. But are massage chair vending machines profitable?

In order to answer this, the therapeutic vending machine has a couple of features and specifications. They include:

  • Control Panel – This allows owners and customers control the chair, varying the strength pf the massages on a customer on the vital parts of the body such as the back and calf.
  • Bonus Minutes – The therapeutic chair allows the customer to spend some extra minutes beyond the programmed time a customer should spend on the chair. Most come with a one minute massage time.
  • Easy to program Bill Acceptor – Conveniently accepts coins, credit cards and bills.
  • Bill Storage Area – Owners only have to collect their money from this drawer.
  • Reclining Back and Leg Rest – The rests are covered with PVC leatherette, preventing wear and tear of the therapeutic chairs used in high traffic locations.
  • Vibrating Seat – This seat helps in easing tension on the hamstrings, gluten muscles and lower back muscles.

Benefits of a Massage Chair Vending Machine Business

Owners can start as small as they desire, even with a single therapeutic chair and later on, expand. As the owner, you are at liberty to work full time, or employ someone to control the machine and chair. Remember that the chair starts earning as soon as it is on a good location. There is no profit limit that comes with these chair, only the location and number of client matters determine you profit at the end of the day. Here is how profitable a therapeutic vending chair is.

  • Easy to run at any location with little or no overhead costs such as maintenance and labor expenses.
  • It’s an all cash business and owners are not worried of low cash flow when running the therapy sessions.
  • It requires no advertising hence saving on high product promotion expenses.
  • The initial installation cost of this machine is little and owners can benefit from it forever.
  • Since vending is growing at a very fast rate, it is actually a proof against economic cycles such as inflation and recession in the long run.
  • Owners only have to sit back, relax and count their money making these chairs a better opportunity compared to other vending opportunities. For example, vending machines used in selling foods and beverages, there must constant refills on the machines depending on how fast the goods are moving.
  • Quick returns on investment.

All in all, massage chair  vending machines are worthy investments, guaranteeing you of instant profits within a short time.

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