Is It Safe To Use A Massage Chair While Pregnant?

There is nothing as soothing as pampering the body with a nice massage. A massage can feel magical if the masseur is good at it. But currently, massage chairs are slowly replacing masseurs. Pregnant women, just like any other person, are also exposed to these chairs at home. So can you use this chair while pregnant? Is it safe to use it?

You will always get mixed answers when you ask such a question. In fact, you will be convinced that a massage chair is a no go zone for a pregnant woman once you see the warning labels on it. There are reasons why pregnant women are not advised to use the massage chair.

You may experience premature labor if you stress several pressure points in the body with a massage chair. Most of the massage recliners also come with a heating pad that can increase the body temperature. This can spike the heart rate of the baby and cause cardiovascular problems.

But does this mean that a massage chair should never be used by a pregnant woman? Well we all know that massages are good especially when you are pregnant.

Benefits of a massage chair while pregnant.

  • Ease back pain: The vibration of the chair relieves the back pain by circulating blood to the upper body.
  • Does not jar the body: Although most pregnant women have the fear of the vibration harming the baby. It is important to understand that this is similar to walking. So your baby will not feel anything.

Precaution pregnant women should take before using a massage chair

  • Pregnant women should not use the chair during the first trimester. This is the time when the baby is transforming. The first three months are crucial since the mother might miscarry.
  • You should not spend more than 15-20 minutes on the massage chair.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on your growing belly during the third trimester. Avoid squeezing into the chair. If you are too big then don’t use it at all.

Benefits of a massage chair during pregnancy

A pregnant woman will always enjoy a good massage. One of the reasons why it is advisable to massage the body is to lower stress. Prenatal massage will manage hormone levels in the body to lower, anxiety, depression and stress.

Massage also eases back and leg pain. Since your growing uterus takes up a lot of space and puts pressure on your body, a good massage chair will help ease that pain.

Research shows that massage therapy during labor reduces chances of postnatal depression and shorter labor. Unless you have complications, using a massage chair will help make labor easy.

So is a massage chair safe for a pregnant woman? Yes it is. Just like any other device you will use when you are pregnant, precautions should also be taken when you are using a massage chair while pregnant. In fact, there are chairs specifically made for pregnant women. So before you use any massage recliner, it is always advisable to consult your doctor for approval. So a massage chair isn’t so bad for pregnant women after all.

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