Homelegance 9745BLK-1 Review – Can it Deliver?

The Homelegance Jimmy Collection Upholstered Power Reclining Massage Chair (model number 9745BLK-1) comes in black or brown synthetic bonded leather and delivers a vibration back and seat massage while providing additional convenient features. This is a nice chair for the price and will excel an ordinary recliner chair by leaps and bounds, though it is not up to par with the more extravagant luxury massage chairs available in today’s market.

If one is looking for a great recliner with some bonus features that make his or her time spent relaxing or watching television in the living room much more comfortable but does not want to spend a fortune acquiring that recliner, then this may be a good choice.

Homelegance 9745BLK-1

Specifications and Features

  • This chair weighs 95 pounds and can support up to 300 pounds.
  • The dimensions are 39 x 39 x 40 inches with an inside seat width is 18.5 inches.
  • The exterior consists of your choice of black or dark brown synthetic leather.
  • The chair is well padded throughout.
  • At the touch of a button, the chair can be easily adjusted to any recline position.
  • Even the foot rest lifts so you can rest your feet on it while reclining.
  • Upper back, lower back, and thighs can all be massaged with this chair.
  • There are two cup holders, one of which chills your drinks.
  • A blue LED light underneath the chair flashes out onto the floor space just in front of you.
  • An instruction manual and AC-DC power adapter are also included.

The Good

  • Assembly is quick and easy and requires only a few basic tools.
  • It has the unobtrusive look of an ordinary recliner.
  • It moves forward before reclining and thus allows placement within a few inches of the wall.
  • It has a long extension cord.
  • It reclines all the way down and moves smoothly when re-positioning.
  • It is possible to raise the foot rest and not lower the back, which allows you to put your feet up without leaning back.
  • The arm rest works well with a mouse, so you can use your laptop on this chair.
  • The chiller is a great convenience when sitting down to relax with a drink.
  • The drink holders take standard-sized bottles, cups and glasses.
  • The control buttons being located in a ring around one of the cup holders is rather convenient and saves space on the arm rest.
  • Cheaper than many other massage chairs.
  • To your door delivery is available.

The Bad

  • The seat and the back are a little on the small size, making it less than ideal for taller and larger users.
  • The massager is only a vibrator. It is nice for what it is but cannot deliver a rolling massage.
  • The massage functions shuts off automatically after only, say, 15 or 20 minutes. You have to keep pushing the button for a longer massage.
  • No heater is included.
  • The leather is synthetic.
  • While it is comfortable enough to sit in for many, others have complained that the padding is not all it could be.
  • The drink chiller only chills from bottom up, and its chill only tends to reach halfway up the cup, except with soda cans which chill all the way.
  • Large slurp cups and handled coffee mugs will not fit in the cup holders.
  • The floor lights do not seem to have a clear purpose, are unnecessary, and use up additional electric power.
  • There have been some reports of defective and damaged materials and structures, but this can happen with any chair and replacements can be had.
  • The chair is not made in USA.
  • The warranty is somewhat short, lasting for only a few months.

The Verdict

Overall, this is a good buy if you just want a nice living room recliner with some extra features: vibration, drink cooler, etc. It is not for those seeking a professional massaging apparatus. It is a good buy for the buck, however. If you want to spend more, say over a thousand dollars, you can get many more massage options, but if you can be satisfied with a nice-feeling vibrating massage, this is a good chair for that.

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Homelegance 9745BLK-1

Homelegance 9745BLK-1 Review – Can it Deliver?
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