Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu 02 Review

The Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Soft 3D MP3 Arm Massage 02 is just as impressive as the length of its name implies. From those that need a way to increase proper blood circulation to users simply desiring a way to de-stress after a long day at work, this massage chair is more than a simple collection of mobile motors. It is an entire full body massage that fits within the comfort of your own home. What really sets it apart, however, is its zero gravity function that simulates weightlessness.

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu 02

Specifications and Features


Unlike cheaper massage chairs, the Zero Gravity cradles the entire person within its confines. The legs fit into little holding areas at the bottom and the head lays against an adjustable massager. Next to the armrest sits the control panel. With just the push of a button, the entire thing can be reclined. In the past, the biggest issue with massage chairs is their “one size fits all” build, making them supremely comfortable for only some and moderately comfortable for most. Luckily, this one actually scans your body and then conforms itself to fit your shape exactly, going so far as to even reposition the motors.


On top of a full body adjustment, double-layered airbags are built in to the thigh and calf area. This heavy padding is what makes possible a way to mimic a weightless feeling without ever actually requiring the dispersal of gravity.


You do get what you pay for. This is a 400 pound piece of technology that gives great, first class massages sans masseuse. The warranty is limited and covers all parts for the duration of 1 year. Even so, the chair is built to last and does not begin to show wear and tear after such a limited period of time.

Other Features

  • Four pre-set auto programs
  • Intelligent four roller system
  • Air pressure massage feature
  • Head massage that targets tsubo points
  • Variety of massage types including rolling, chopping, compression, vibration and kneading
  • Program that syncs massage to music being listened to
  • Built in speakers


Weight: 400 lbs
Dimensions: 1450mm x 1270mm x 900mm
Dimensions (extended): 1980mm x 900mm
Head swivel: 120 – 165 degrees
Leg swivel: 10 – 30 degrees
Foot swivel: 0 – 85 degrees

The Good

Understandably, the best part about this chair is its versatility. It comes with so many different types of massages that even the most picky will find a program they enjoy. It is very easy to put together and generally takes users about one hour to complete. Also, customer service is very responsive should any issues arise. While certainly expensive, it is actually one of the more affordable all-inclusive chairs on the market, with the higher end costing far more.

The Bad

Hands down, the worst is its weight. Coming in at 400 pounds, you need to make sure you place it exactly where it is going to be sitting for the remainder of its usefulness unless you happen to have a forklift. Users also report that the leg and arm massages are so powerful that they can cause pain in the more sensitive massage seekers. With no way to adjust such a feature, it’s worth trying out in a store before committing to a purchase. Also, though minor, there is no way to watch television while enjoying the zero gravity feature as this requires a total recline to enjoy.

The Verdict

If you are set on purchasing a long lasting, highly adaptable massage chair, this one could be perfect for you. Equipped with all of the latest technology and programmed to adapt to every body type, it is a chair that can change as you change. While generally regarded as a great product, some may fall prey to minor bruising from the force of the arm and leg massages. Because of this and its high price, be sure find a chair that you can test before buying it. All in all, though, it a piece of equipment well worth the money.

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu 02

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu 02 Review
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