Full Body Shiatsu w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 82 Review – A Great Bargain?

Not everyone has the luxury of regular full body massages with a professional. Not only would the costs quickly add up into something resembling that of your home mortgage, finding the time to slip away from responsibilities every week for a couple of hours is always unrealistic. So what are you to do when you work a rigorous job or play a sport that ravages your body’s soft tissues? Bring the massage to you, of course!

With the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heat Stretched Foot Rest 82, a full body massage can easily be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home instead of in a swanky (and expensive) spa. This chair is made with your complete comfort in mind and has features like adjustable air massage, a full recline mode, and vibrating sensors placed at key points along the chair.

Full Body Shiatsu w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 82

Specifications and Features

The massage functions of this chair are guaranteed to send you off into the deepest state of relaxation you could possibly imagine. The rolling motion is designed to specifically replicate the feeling and overall effect of a massage done by a person, mimicking the rolling feelings of fingers. The kneading motion will relieve your sorest muscles and gently but firmly works out any painful knots. The Shiatsu motion is the creme de la creme of the machine using powerful rollers to create a mind-body rejuvenation by eliminating muscle fatigue and stress. There’s also a chop action tapping/flapping to relax your stiff muscles and stimulates nerves for faster muscle recovery.

The vibrators placed strategically along the calves, feet, and seat cushions stimulate your blood vessels to dilate and aid in flushing out any impurities or toxins that are lingering in your system.

The chair is remote controlled and has a large LCD screen for easy use no matter how tired or stressed you are. The seat and foot rest are heated for extra relief and relaxation.

The Good

Users enjoy the easy to use settings, especially the default setting which gives you a full body massage. You can also personalize your massage, getting exactly what you want depending on what’s particularly stiff and sore that day. The chair is relatively heavy and sturdy, meaning it’s good for users who are on the larger side. A particularly tall user (6’1) says he has plenty of room to sprawl out without having any part of his body hanging over the edge of the chair.

Users have also stated that the settings are very powerful to begin with, often feeling like you’re being tickled. However, most reviews state that once you’re used to the powerful kneading, rolling, and tapping motions, you’ll find you don’t need to start out at the lower setting and can crank it right up to the level you need. Reviews have said that the chair is comparable to that of a chiropractic visit or a professional masseuse.

One of the biggest selling points is the chair’s purchase price, which represents good value for money. For all of the features of this chair, you’re hard pressed to find something that has as many functions of this product for the price it’s listed at.

The chair arrives in pieces but is relatively easy to put together. Assembly takes about an hour or less to complete, including hooking up all of the wires and getting it set up. There is an instructional video from the manufacturer if you’re having difficulty reading the directions.

The Bad

There are a few complaints from buyers about the head rest coming loose during a particuarly powerful massage. The headrest is necessary if you want a good neck massage so having it slip off means your neck is missing out on the fun.

The biggest complaint from consumers is that the company’s customer service is hard to get a hold of. Some buyers say that it only took a few phone calls to get through or have someone respond, but other reviews say they can’t get in contact with customer service at all. Others have reported that the chair has stopped working a few months after purchase and the customer service representative states there’s nothing they can do unless you return the chair on your own dime.

The Verdict

The Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heat Stretched Foot Rest 82 is a great bargain for all of its features. With a variety of massage settings, you’re guaranteed a different massage every time you sit down. The LCD remote screen makes it easy for tired eyes to read and operate. Whether you need a good neck massage or your legs are exhausted from a long day on the tennis court, you can find relief in this chair. Even though the company’s customer service is difficult to reach, the price for this chair makes a few extra phone calls worth it.

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Full Body Shiatsu w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 82

Full Body Shiatsu w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 82 Review – A Great Bargain?
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