Can a Massage Chair Induce Labor?

Expectant mothers tend to undergo various health complications such as breathing difficulty, poor circulation, back and neck pains, swelling and muscle spasm. A massage chair can go a long way into healing such issues as they can easily access vital parts such as the neck, back and shoulders of the expectant woman. Massage chairs use electronic motors, vibrators and gears to rub these body parts.

However, expectant mothers need to first consult a physician or a midwife before sitting on the massage chair for a rub. This is because, the massage can trigger labor contractions on the user. It could lead to serious health complications for example premature birth. In addition, the heating pad can trigger a rise in body temperature hence endangering the unborn child’s heart rate. But can a massage chair be used to induce labor? Yes.

Reasons to Use a Massage Chair to Induce Labor

A massage chair can be used to trigger pressure on the back unlike other traditional ways of inducing labor for example using pills and vaginal gels. Several studies indicate that a massage boosts serotonin levels in expectant women. In addition, massage therapies using these chairs during labor ensures that labor duration is shorter and reduces the incidences of postnatal depression.

Moreover, a massage chair helps in the reduction of breathing difficulty. During the pregnancy period, most women tend to slouch as a result of the additional mass coming from the unborn child. A massage chair helps in treating the back, helping the expectant mother feel straighter and assume a good position to help in taking deep breathes. The back massage will help the expectant mother rest better, even after giving birth.

When inducing labor, movement happens on the body’s cell and fluids. A massage chair will help in easing movement in vital body parts and joints. The convenience that comes with the easing body part movement helps in the reducing labor pains while also shaping the body before and after giving birth.

A massage chair will also help i27n rinsing your body off many contaminants that come with poor circulation, aches and pains common in the muscular tissues like the thighs and the back. Massage chairs help in the release of endorphins vital in increasing blood flow while getting rid of contaminants. Remember that endorphins is a natural pain reliever.

Before Using The Massage Chair Remember That:

There are therapeutic chairs specifically designed for expectant mothers. It is therefore important to avoid these chairs in the first trimester of your pregnancy since, at this time, the body is undergoing various transformations in order to accommodate the developing baby. If used at this time, it could lead to a miscarriage hence loose the child.

Spend only 15-20 minutes on the chair. Use the correct chair size. Keep off the chair suffer from;

  • Swelling and severe headaches.
  • Preeclampsia.
  • High risk pregnancy.

Ensure that the massage parlor you visit has a good reputation or at least ensure that you are in the company of a qualified midwife before sitting on that massage chair.

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