Best Massage Chair Reviews 2017 – Top 10 Comparison

Massage chairs have come a long way since Ronald A. Labbe first filed for a patent in 1948. It seems that manufacturers are coming out with new designs with the latest technology all the time.

The best massage chairs come in just about every style and are suitable for all budgets. Whether you want a one with all the bells and whistles or a chair that will simply ease your aching back after a long day, you are sure to find something that will fit your needs.

Read this guide for a little help in understanding what you want out of your recliner. Afterward, compare your research to the review section to find the best one for your home.

Top 10 Best Massage Chair Comparison

ModelMassage ProgramsWarrantyOur RatingPrice

Kahuna LM6800

53 years4.5 out of 5 stars


Kahuna SM-7300

52 years5 out of 5 stars


Real Relax

23 years4.5 out of 5 stars


Ideal Massage

43 years4.5 out of 5 stars


BestMassage 06c

31 year4.5 out of 5 stars


Best Choice Products

52 years4 out of 5 stars



1-4 out of 5 stars


BestMassage 161

41 year4.5 out of 5 stars


Human Touch iJoy-2310

32 years4.5 out of 5 stars


Kahuna LM-7000

43 years4.5 out of 5 stars


Ten Advantages to Using a Massage Chair

You can probably guess some of the benefits to having one in your home such as relaxing, relieving tension and stress, as well as general pain relief. There are many advantages from receiving 15 minutes of daily rubdown you might not be as aware of, however.

Take a closer look at ten surprising advantages these chairs can do for you:

• Enhances exercise performance
• Relieves tension headaches
• Improved in older adults
• Lowered blood pressure
• Increased range of motion
• Decreases symptoms of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
• Improved cardiovascular health
• Improved sleep
• Relieves symptoms of depression
• Reduction of nausea due to chemotherapy

Before You Buy

A massage chair is a big purchase for your home. Before you go out and buy the first one you see, do a little research. Knowing a little about the available features can give you the best massage chair for the money.

Otherwise, you may be wasting your hard earned cash on something you won’t be happy with.

What is the Best Roller System for Massage Chairs?

The primary components to most massage chairs are rollers that provide a number of techniques such as kneading, tapping, Shiatsu and yes, rolling to give you the most relaxing rubdown possible. The way they move is determined by the structure of each recliner’s frame.

If you’ve done any research, you have probably noticed there are two principal types of roller system frames. A fixed point system and a roller track system. Among the roller track systems there are two varieties; L-Track and the S-Track.

Let’s take a closer look at all three to determine which style you would like to see in the product you’ll be purchasing.

1. Fixed Point System

Rollers that are in a fixed point system are capable of doing just about everything. The only difference is they are static making the range of motion slightly smaller.

Some people prefer a fixed point system because points are more likely to hit sweet spots more often. Engineers used the body’s map to determine where to place rollers to target specific areas. If you are of average height and build a fixed point system might be worth looking into.

Massage chairs with fixed point systems are primarily designed for people who have neck, shoulder, hip, and back pain. Typically, they do not provide you with a seat or thigh roller massage.

2. Roller Track System

The more common style of recliners is made with a roller track system. These chairs have a long roller track that extends from head to lower back.

The track guides rollers along the spinal area allowing them to work hard to reach spots. They can move laterally or vertically giving while they give you a massage.

You may have seen that the majority of models will claim to be either an L-Track or an S-Track. We’re going to take a closer look at the difference between the two so that you can get a better idea of which is right for you.

3. S-Track

The S-Track aptly named because of the sinusoidal shape and design. The track can follow the sinusoidal curvature of your spine allowing it to give an adequate rub to your entire back.

A recliner with an S-Track is ideal for hitting the neck, mid back, lower back, and tailbone all with accuracy before repeating the cycle. There’s no doubt that the S-Track provides a relieving knead which is why it’s one of the more standard designs.

4. L-Track

Although most are either advertised as S-Track or L-Track, there is only one significant difference between the two. In fact, besides from this difference, they are both identical.

The L-Track follows the same path that an S-Track would. However, it extends further, creating an ‘L’ like appearance. The track bends and continues all the way to the top of your hamstrings. Essentially, when you purchase a roller track system labeled as an ‘L-Track,’ you get both.

An L-Track system is beneficial for people with back issues as well as individuals who require a massage in the glutes or hamstrings. Athletes who have a pulled or strained hamstring can especially benefit from both the elevation and compression a massage chair can provide.

Although L-Track systems may seem like your most suitable choice, it’s a relatively new technology. Recliners with this feature may be more costly than others. You may find yourself opting for a model offering other amenities instead.

Take a look at this informative YouTube video to get a visual understanding of the difference between an L-Track and an S-Track mechanism.

5. Zero Gravity Technology

A model that has zero gravity puts you in a reclined position that mimics the posture astronauts take during liftoff on space missions. Of course, you’re not undergoing the stress that an astronaut would in your living room.

So why is zero gravity so important in a recliner then?

The reclined position you get from zero gravity models helps distribute your weight. You will feel virtually weightless and more relaxed. The more relaxed you are means, the more efficient the rubdown you are receiving will be.

There are many health related advantages to zero gravity as well. Elevating your legs above your heart can take pressure off your legs and encourage better blood flow. Promoting circulation to the legs can help reduce swelling and make your legs look and feel better.

6. Computer Body Scan Technology

You may notice that several of the massage chairs you’ve looked at have some type of body scanner. These chairs utilize a series of infrared sensors to determine what points your body comes in contact with the chair.

The sensors then send the information to the chair providing you with a rub down tailored to your body. If you have multiple people of various heights and weights in your home, you might want to consider a chair with this option. Everyone in your home can benefit from a customized massage.

Targeting specific pressure points will result in a more relaxing full body rub that will leave you feeling refreshed. People who are larger or smaller in stature than average won’t be poked and prodded with rollers that don’t align with their body.

What Are the Benefits of Different Massage Techniques?

best massage chair featuredThe best massage chairs on the market are equipped with various techniques that mimic the actions of a real-life masseuse. Read this short guide to decide which techniques are most important to you.

Some of the following are aimed at relieving tension and stress. Other’s increase your circulation and some techniques are designed to prevent or remove pain. If a model doesn’t have all the techniques you want, you may be left disappointed.


Shiatsu is a Japanese style massage based on pressure to specific points. These points are generally known as Acupressure points.

Rhythmic pressure on these precise points can relieve tension. Shiatsu can treat many conditions such as muscle aches while encouraging relaxation.

This method corrects body imbalances by applying pressure to the surface of the body. The unique pressure is said to provide energy displacement and re-harmonizes irregularities.

Other benefits of Shiatsu include relief of digestion problems, side effects due to chemotherapy, PMS symptoms, and even migraines.

Many of the today’s models are now offering this style of massage, and it’s easy to see why. The best Shiatsu massage chairs can be beneficial to your overall well-being.


Swedish massages offer many beneficial aspects. After receiving a Swedish massage, you will be both physically and emotionally in a better place.

A Swedish massage focuses on long gentle strokes, kneading, deep circular movements and tapping. It is meant to preliminary warm up your body before continuing to a more vigorous rubdown that will work your muscles and relieve tension.

A good Swedish massage can work out knots and kinks in your body, improve blood circulation while de-stressing you. Getting one before bedtime can relax your mind and help you sleep better throughout the night.

The downside to this setting is the technology has not been perfected. Many chairs don’t offer this style so if it’s important to you; you have to do your homework.

Rolling and Kneading

Rolling refers to the up and down movement of rollers, usually located in the backrest. Kneading is a done in a circular motion and are meant to work on hard to reach knots and kinks.

Most massage chairs will have both of these features. However, it would be wise to double check with the manufacturer’s label if these techniques are important to you.

Compression and Percussion

Compression massage is used as a warm-up technique to help get your body relaxed and ready for a more vigorous rub. They provide a softening effect with rhythmic motions.

Usually following a compression massage is a percussion massage – a rapid tapping motion that strengthens and tones deep tissue and muscles. In a massage chair, this motion can be mimicked with the use of air compression.

Deep Tissue

A deep tissue massage is comprised of slow, firm, deliberate strokes. These strokes focus on working all layers including both muscle and tendon.

Massage chairs that come with this setting can be used for everything from pain prevention and relieve to increasing your blood flow.

Several advantages to deep tissue massage are a reduction in chronic back pain, lower blood pressure, improved athletic performance and recovery, and even arthritis relief.

While there are many benefits, this setting is most suitable in manual mode. You can identify painful, stiff areas of your body and target those points. An automated deep tissue massage will likely focus on neck, shoulders, and lower back muscles.

Features to Look for in the Best Massage Chairs

Massage chair companies are always coming out with the latest and greatest to keep you interested. To get ahead of the game, check out some of the features that might influence you one way or the other. Create a checklist and compare the top massage chairs on your list.

1. Heating Pads

Heating pads are a feature that is finding themselves on the must-have list for many users and with good reason. These pads aren’t just for keeping you warm on a chilly winters night. They have many other advantages as well.

Heated pads can loosen and relax your muscles. Relaxed muscles can mean a deeper, more pleasurable rub. In fact, many masseurs use warming stones or warming oil before beginning the actual session.

Typically, heating pads will be located in the lumbar area of the chair. However, some chairs have heating elements other places as well. Some even have heating pads that are designed to warm the soles of your feet.

The majority of massage chairs on the market today, have some type of heating element. Double check with the manufacturer before purchasing to ensures yours will also.

2. Space Saving

Space is an important factor as well. There are many different shapes and sizes available. Before purchasing a massage chair, assess how much square footage you are willing to give up.

Keep in mind that many models recline to a full 180-degrees. They can take up as much room as a twin sized bed. Check the dimensions before making a purchase to determine if it’s going to fit for your home.

3. Easy Assembly

When you receive your order, the last thing you are going to want to do it set the thing up. A significant portion of most models will come semi-unassembled. If you are opposed to setting up the chair on your own, be sure to do your research to find one that will arrive assembled.

Usually, you will receive your chair in two to three pieces. There is typically not much work involved except attaching the arms or leg portion of the chair.

Keep in mind that there will usually be an online video that will go into detail about how your chair should be installed.

Another thing to think about is how heavy the product is. Some models are upwards of 250 pounds. You may have to ask help from a friend to put it together. Bribing them with a massage afterward should do the trick.

4. Manual Controls

Massage chairs come with anywhere from three to twenty pre-programmed options. However, if you have special needs such as a particular muscle you’d like to have worked, a manual control might be your only choice.

Manual controls vary so be sure to check with the manufacturer about what you can change. Settings include a change in speed, heat, recline, intensity and ability to target certain body parts.

5. Head to Toe

A head to toe rubdown will work your entire body. Make sure your product you choose has adequate support as well as a foot rub.

Surprisingly, a lot of models lack in the neck area which holds much of the body’s tension and needs special attention.

Many full body massage chairs will have air pressure that also rubs your fatigued feet and ankles. However, after a long day on your feet, you may want something more. Several offer rollers that work to heal tired, aching feet.

Top 10 Massage Chair Reviews

Take a look at some of the following massage chair reviews. Each of these chairs was designed to give you the most beneficial body rub available. Compare them to your wish list, and you are sure to find something that will suit your needs and your budget alike.

1. Kahuna LM6800

The Kahuna LM6800 is loaded with all the latest bells and whistles. It’s easy to see why critics, are calling this one of the best massage chairs on the market today.

Sure, some things could be improved upon like all new technology. However, there isn’t much to complain about with this chair. This chair is so beneficial to your health that it is FDA registered as a medical device.

The Good Stuff

Boasting a whopping three levels of zero gravity, this chair allows its user decide their optimal level of comfort. In the highest setting, you will feel a weightlessness unlike any other chair out there. Your weight will be distributed to the ideal position to promote circulation.

Offering Shiatsu, kneading, clapping, tapping, rolling, and air bag pressure, your options are virtually limitless. Truly a chair that allows you to take control of your body.

The L-Track system allows for a deeper, lower reach than the traditional S-Track. You will benefit from a full body rub all the way down to your bottom and hamstrings with the extended track.

Computer body scan technology allows this chair to better work its magic on your aches and pains. Then the air massage mechanism steps in and provides you with a relaxing rub that conforms to your body.

The auto yoga stretching function will extend your body in ways you never thought possible increasing your flexibility and overall health over time.

It’s all in the details. While other models lack shoulder and neck support, this chair features double-layered shoulder bags. The double foot massagers are detachable and washable for sterilization.

The manufacturer has made a user-friendly manual that is easy to understand and navigate. You won’t find yourself guessing and hoping you hit the jackpot with this product.

This chair is not as noisy as some of its competitors allowing you to fully let yourself go and relax whether you choose an automated or manual setting.

The Bad Stuff

After the complicated assembly required for this product, you will likely want to hop in right away. Because it is also so heavy, it will take two people to put it together. Rather than taking the instructions for their word, it’s recommended to check out the YouTube video for an easier assembly.

Even with the wheels, this chair is a monster to move. You’re going to have to be pretty motivated to transport it from one room to another. You should figure out where you will benefit from it most and set up it up there.

The maximum setting for this chair is 15 minutes. If you prefer a longer rub, you will have to restart the entire program.

Due to the fact that this conforms to your entire body, it’s highly recommended that it’s only used by a person of average height and weight. The one thing this model is lacking is the ability to extend the footrest. Perhaps the manufacturer will take this into consideration with their next design upgrade.

Final Verdict

Overall, this chair has everything you could want and more. The yoga stretching feature and zero gravity capabilities alone set this product far apart from the rest.

If you are the kind of person that has to have the latest and best technology available on the market, this is the product for you.

2. Kahuna SM-7300

This product will give you a complete rub down from head to toe. Made with a unique fixed point design, instead of a track system sets itself apart from the rest.

This one-of-a-kind model is one that you will either love or hate. Either way, you won’t be able to disagree that it’s made with more attention to detail than most.

The Good Stuff

The zero gravity design gives you a sense of virtual weightlessness while you are being pampered by your new piece of furniture. You will be put in a position that relaxes your muscles so that the chair can do its job better.

With this device, you will get two preset automatic programs. Both programs last 30 minutes long which is longer than most other chairs.

This chair’s unique design features eight fixed points in the backrest. These fixed point massagers work on your back with variations of tapping, kneading, rolling and Shiatsu.

Thirty-five bags apply pressure and kneading to the shoulder area, seat, arm, and leg rests. These airbags make this chair reasonably quiet so you can get the maximum out of your session and leave you feeling refreshed.

Your seat cushion promotes circulation with a combination of vibration, heat and squeeze. Added blood flow throughout your body can reduce swelling in your extremities, making it ideal for people who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).

You can truly get a head to toe rub with this chair. Rollers knead the soles of your tired, aching feet while the rest of your massage is being performed. Most other products just palpate your feet with air pressure.

Complete with a foot rest that is extendable to adjust to your height. Now, taller people can get a full leg extension out of their chair as well.

When you purchase this chair, you also receive a VR-headrest. This 3D virtual reality headset can be connected to a smartphone allowing you to listen to music.

This chair will arrive at your door in two boxes. One containing the chair itself, and the other the arms. Although you will need two people to assemble this chair, it’s a relatively straightforward process.

The Bad Stuff

No tracking system is offered with this product. While the independent points provide a fulfilling massage, some people still prefer a traditional track system.

This chair’s individual parts cannot be adjusted on their own. The head and leg rest move together based on the automatic preset programs.

The controller is not designed as well as some others. However, once you figure out how to use it, it’s not a huge issue.

There is no deep tissue option as well — which can be a deal-breaker for some. This chair is also lacking a decent neck massage.

Final Verdict

This product is an excellent value for those looking for decent after-work massage. However, if you have special needs or have severe medical issues requiring a deep tissue kneading you might want to keep looking.

Ultimately, with a few small improvements here and there this could be an amazing chair. We’re anxiously awaiting to see what this company comes up with next.

3. Real Relax

A versatile design that allows you to take control of. With the ability to adjust your time, intensity level, and even customize one to your individual needs.

While there are many advantages to this chair, there are some drawbacks as well. Depending on your needs these drawbacks can take this chair from the best to only so-so.

The Good Stuff

Real humanized hands with 3D intelligent-detect give you the sense you are being touched by another person. These hands are 4-wheel driven vertically on an S-Track and are quieter.

This product is all about choices. With three real zero gravity positions, you can choose which will give you optimal comfort so you can get the most out of your massage.

There are four automated programs with various techniques such as Shiatsu, kneading, spinal rolling, and vibration. If you can’t find a program you are absolutely in love with it’s not an issue. You can customize your own.

Choose a manual option and take control of your massage. You can change the intensity of the airbags and even the speed with the remote.

Whether you want a quick massage or a relaxing full body rub down you can do so. Choose a particular time anywhere from 5 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes of uninterrupted time.

Air bags in shoulders, arm, foot, calves, and seat are available in two separate intensity levels giving you, even more options.

Six stimulating kneading balls relax and palpate the soles of your feet. For taller than average people, there is an adjustable foot rest extension.

The ergonomically designed chair is equipped with heat therapy in the back. You will benefit from relaxed muscles allowing the hands to work your muscles better.

The Bad Stuff

This chair is somewhat difficult to assemble. The instruction manual is lacking. If you choose this chair, you’d be better off taking a look at the manufacturer’s YouTube video for a detailed explanation.

For people who prefer deep tissue massages, this might not be the most suitable option for you. This is not as strong as some of the others available on the market. However, it does provide a very relaxing medium-strength rub.

The entire unit moves as one. For a something designed to give you a higher level of versatility, it would be better if you could adjust the foot rest or head rest on their own.

Although the six kneading balls feel great against the soles of your aching feet, adding the ability to move up and down against the base of your foot would be a significant improvement.

Final Verdict

The sheer number of options for self-control makes this one of our favorites. With a few design changes, this would be entirely customizable chair. However, if you are on the hunt for something that will suit the needs of everyone in your family, this might just be your best bet.

4. Ideal Massage

This model focuses on improving flexibility, relaxation while reducing stress and fatigue. It contours and conforms to the shape of your back so that you get up with a rejuvenated mind and body.

Registered as an FDA approved medical device, this chair was designed to give you the maximum support possible. Of course, there are some downsides to this chair that should be taken into consideration.

The Good Stuff

Visually, you have to love the sleek style of this model made with real leather. This fashionable piece will fit in with just about any décor.

This chair is loaded with options. You can choose a setting of 10, 20 or 30 minutes on auto or customize the rub to certain areas of your body with the control panel.

With this chairs extensive range of motion, you will get features such as rolling, up and down, kneading and Shiatsu to work your shoulders, back, and all the way to your tailbone.

Compression and percussion work to improve your flexibility, mobility and overall posture.

The neck massage feature allows for targeting stress relieving tsubo points. Many recliners don’t target this area as much resulting in a less effective overall experience.

Boasting more than 30 airbags throughout the chair ensures you receive an optimal massage. Your arms will be given a relaxing squeeze along with your thighs and calves. Choose from multiple levels of intensity from strong to weak.

Powerful vibrations and pressure work your butt and improve circulation to your legs. This is perfect for people with Restless Leg Syndrome.

Built-in heat intelligence loosens your muscles so that you can receive a deeper massage. Heating pads are located in the back section as well as at the base of your foot.

The Bad Stuff

Even though this chair is pretty easy to set up, more than one person is needed to accomplish the task. At 260 pounds this chair is heavy.

Additionally, this chair is noisier than some which can be a turn-off when attempting to receive a relaxing massage.

This chair will be most suitable for people of average height and weight. Taller people may not feel the benefits of extension that someone of shorter stature would.

While the heat intelligence is great, you cannot operate the two places separately. If you turn on the heat option, you will receive warmth in both your back and feet.

When it comes to feet, the experience will leave you somewhat lacking. Instead of rollers on the soles of your feet, you get only an air pressure massage. Tired, aching feet deserve more.

Final Verdict

While this lacks in some areas, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Overall, this is a decent option that will work for just about anyone. You might want to consider this choice if you are looking for something that can reduce stress and improve your mobility.

5. Best Choice Products

A chair that will give you the intensive massage you’re craving. Designed to promote relaxation and recovery. This one hits all the right places in one sweep.

Although this chair does have some healing powers, it also leaves some things to be desired. Whether you find the drawbacks to be deal-breakers with this chair or not is up to you.

The Good Stuff

With programs like ‘relax,’ ‘extended relax,’ ‘recover,’ and ‘refresh,’ you know just what you are getting.

Take advantage of the zero gravity function to control your breathing, decrease pressure on your backbone and allow you to relax fully. Your body will thank you afterward.

The super long L-track creates a full body massage that reaches from neck to thigh. If you have shoulder, back, waist, hip, or thigh pain this model will do the trick.

With an OPTO sensor device, it can locate the shoulders of each person using it and providing an optimal experience. Calf and arms are kneaded with pressure while the rollers do their work on your spinal area.

The roller foot rub feature is not only relaxing after a long day, but it improves your circulation and helps you sleep better as well.

People with backaches and stiffness can benefit from the heated waist. Soothing heat is distributed through your body, melting away aches and pains.

This model is semi-easy to move with a tilt and roll system making it ideal for saving space in your home.

The Bad Stuff

A roller foot rub is a great addition. However, it can be a little too intense. If you have sensitive feet, you may need to wear a thick layer of socks on before using it.

While it does come with a foot extension, it only extends a maximum of 5-inches. If you are over 6-foot, you might not be super comfortable in this chair because the seat is not quite deep enough either.

No timer is provided with this chair. The controller can turn the device on and off based on your needs. However, it can be somewhat difficult to maneuver and tricky to program your own settings if you’re not completely satisfied with one of the four that this model has programmed.

Another important thing to note is that this is quite troublesome when getting through even a standard sized door. Depending on your door frame you may have to take it out of the box and possibly take the door of the hinges before it can squeeze through.

Final Verdict

A design suitable for just about anyone in your household. Visitors are sure to enjoy a round in this self-adjusting chair. If relaxation and recovery from a long, stressful day are your main concerns, you might want to consider this chair.

6. BestMassage 06c

An invigorating massage chair with a space saving design.It’s ideal for urban homes with limited square footage. There are a few drawbacks to this small chair that might have some people swapping a little more space for extra comfort.

The Good Stuff

This ergonomically designed chair looks and feels great whether you are using the massage function or not. Gently pull the handle to recline and relax into your favorite position. This chair is capable of easing you into a near 180-degree angle.

The flexible system reclines to accommodate most heights. Even people with a taller stature can benefit from the deep tissue kneading this chair provides.

The modern style of this chair will make it fit in any room in your home unlike some of its bulkier counterparts. Guests will be surprised to find that it’s actually a massage chair as well.

With three programs to choose from, your desired rub is just a few clicks away. Choose between ‘sore muscle relief,’ ‘stress therapy,’ and ‘back wellness.’

Using professional masseuse techniques makes this chair able to go beyond skin deep. The programs have variations of kneading, compression, percussion, and rolling to work your sore muscles.

Whether your aim is to keep aches and pains at bay or ease hard-to-work knots and kinks, this will leave you feeling tension free.

The Bad Stuff

While the back massage that you receive from this chair is better than some, it would be nice to see a kneading mechanism in the seat of the chair as well. Because this chair was designed to be used as both an everyday chair and a massage chair, it may be more comfortable without lumpy rollers in the seat.

This chair is lacking some of the amenities that other chairs have such as vibration and heat pads.

You won’t find any technology that allows the chair to find your shoulder height either. It may take some adjusting on your part to properly align with the motion of the massagers.

With a recommended maximum weight limit of 200 pounds, this chair isn’t for everyone. The seat may be a bit too narrow for anyone who weighs much more than that or has larger than average hips.

This small model is also low to the ground which can make it difficult to get in and out of at times. Elderly, pregnant or persons with balance issues may have problems using this chair.

Final Verdict

The features that this chair does have work well and provide a relaxing rub down after a long day. However, this is lacking the features that most larger chairs have. Unless you are truly strapped for space, you might want to consider a different option.

7. GMS

A multi-purpose reclining massage chair that will be suitable for any room in your home. This cozy real bonded leather chair is perfect for everything from a soothing rub to winding down in front of the TV after a hard day’s work.

Although this budget friendly chair does have a few downsides, you may find that the advantages outweigh them for you.

The Good Stuff

This product will arrive at your door in two separate pieces. The installation is relatively easy and can be done with one strong person. However, the help of a partner will make your life a bit easier.

Attach the back to the seat by using the simple user manual. Plug in the color-coded wires, and you are ready to fight your partner for first dibs on this comfy chair.

With an ergonomic design, high back, smooth leather, and thick padded armrests, this chair is comfortable enough to sit on as a regular lounge chair.

The backrest reclines, and foot rest pops up allowing you to take a load off while getting an invigorating massage. Both the back cushion and the headrest can be quickly adjusted to fit your height, so you have optimal relaxation during your massage.

Featuring a 360-degree swivel this chair allows you to turn and face both the television and guests alike without having to move your chair physically.

A smooth glider allows you to gently rock yourself as you receive your rub.

For easy access to all your items, this chair is loaded with storage. Keep books or magazines in either the large side pouch or one of the two front pockets. Two drink holders are also provided, so you have less strain on your back and shoulders than reaching for a cup on the ground or far-away end table.

There are two settings available so that you can find one that works for you. An eight-point system gives you the relaxation you deserve from the stressors of the day.

You also have the capability of introducing heat into your massage. Added heat to your back will create your muscles to relax and help tension melt away. You will also receive a deeper, more full rub when using this function.

Take advantage of your massage chair to relieve pain and anxiety. Turn on the heat to ease stiff muscles.

The Bad Stuff

This model can be a lot louder than some. If you don’t mind listening to a humming noise while receiving a massage, this may not be an issue for you.

The chair is also somewhat lacking in the shoulder area. It would be nice to see another roller point or two aimed at your shoulder blades.

The swivel function certainly has its advantages. However, there are some drawbacks as well. There is no way to lock the swivel feature which can be troublesome when you have kids or pets around that can easily change your position.

Because this model has a 360-degree swivel, you won’t be able to keep a table nearby. Perhaps this is why it is equipped with so much storage. It also takes up more space than traditional massage chairs.

When you make it completely around the 360 swivel, it tends to unplug your entire device. This can lead to an uncomfortable and awkward fix getting out of the chair.

Final Verdict

This model comes with both pros and cons. There are many functions that make this chair versatile and accommodating for any family room. However, there are also drawbacks that some people might not be able to look past.

8. BestMassage 161

A model designed to give you ultimate relaxation and comfort. Truly a high-end chair that will melt away soreness and fatigue in one fell swoop.

This completely customizable chair does have a few downsides, but with a few tweaks, it has the potential to be one of the top massage chairs on the market. We’re anxiously awaiting to see what Inada comes up with next.

The Good Stuff

The patented body scan mechanism allows this model to find your Shiatsu points and give you a customized session each and every time. You will receive a full upper body massage that suits your needs.

Just the right amount of pressure and motion is applied to give you an optimal Shiatsu experience. The Dreamwave technology gives you a smooth figure-8 motion that balances your entire body.

The lumbar and seat portion of this chair are headed with infrared sensors to help melt away tension and stress. Combined with inward motion and outward release your hips and thighs will thank you. You will receive a fuller ultra-relaxing massage when these features are on.

Your calves, feet, and soles will benefit from rhythmic compression. Air pressure is applied to your arms increasing your circulation. People who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome can significantly benefit from this recliner.

A whopping 16 pre-programmed settings have something for everyone. Among these options are youth programs aimed at providing a gentler massage for children, or people who are sensitive to kneading techniques.

If you desire one customized to your needs, there are over 1,000 manual combinations to choose from as well. With this chair, you are sure to find something that will give you the ultimate massage.

The Bad Stuff

This might not be aesthetically pleasant as some of the other chairs on the market. Once your visitors give it a go, however, they will too relaxed to judge your style choices.

You might need someone technical to help you with the assembly of your new chair. With the support of a friend and watching the online instructional video, you will be well on your way to a relaxation filled day.

The human hand function is somewhat lacking. With a few tweaks, it could feel less like an annoying tapping and more like real hands.

Because of the immense amount of functions that this chair provides the manual is tough to get through. You may find yourself giving up on the manual settings and opting for one of the 16 pre-programmed settings.

It would also be nice to have a zero gravity option with this chair. Although, some people prefer a chair without a full recline.

Final Verdict

Loaded with technology that other chairs lack, this incredibly relaxing massage chair is ideal for giving you a customized rub. It’s easy to see why so many people are flocking to models with a body scanner.

If you’re looking for an innovative model that is packed with the latest attractive features this one might be for you.

9. Human Touch iJoy-2310

A chair that is World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) endorsed and award winning design, you know you are getting a quality product. This chair does lack some of the extras that come with bigger competitors and could sway you one way or the other.

The Good Stuff

Unlike other, larger models, this bad boy comes completely assembled. Simply remove it from the packaging, plug it in and you’re ready to enjoy a refreshing massage.

Smaller than most chairs for a sleek looking design that will be suitable for jut about any sized room. The lightweight chair comes with hidden wheels attached to it so you can put it closer to the wall when needed or move it from room to room with little effort.

A built-in control panel allows you to have control of your massage at your fingertips. User friendly 1-touch programs are a simple click away. With a power recline up to 180 degrees, you can choose which position is most comfortable for you.

Three invigorating automatic functions perform a combination of techniques such as rolling, compression, kneading, and percussion. Choose between ‘Back Refresh,’ ‘Neck & Shoulder Relief,’ ‘Lower Back Release,’ or create your own combination manually.

Complete with a removable back pad so that you can adjust the intensity of your massage. Everyone in your household will enjoy one based on their individual preference.

Added amenities make this product all the better. Between extras such as the easy to reach cup holder, and an auxiliary power outlet that allows you to charge devices, you will fall in love with this chair.

The Bad Stuff

Due to the size and space saving design of this chair, it can be a little low to the ground for some people. Although this chair is designed for people up to 6’ tall, it may be semi-uncomfortable when in the upright position.

This chair can often be difficult to get out of after your massage because of the deep V-shaped seat and the proximity to the floor.

Keep in mind that you will not receive massage to your bottom, legs, calves or feet. This chair is purely designed to relieve back pain.

Occasionally, if you don’t let the cycle to complete its routine before turning it off, it can leave the rollers in an uncomfortable position as well. When not using the chair as a massager and you notice the rollers protruding out, simply turn it on for a moment or two until they are aligned properly.

Final Verdict

Overall, this model is comfortable enough for the average family. If you have severe back pain or other physical ailments, this chair might not be for you. However, you may want to consider this small chair if you are looking for a handsome looking model that has a few extra amenities.

10. Kahuna LM-7000

A high-end chair capable of zero gravity. With some of the latest technology on the market, this one is definitely worth looking a closer look.

Made with attention to detail and equipped with amenities that some of the leading chairs are lacking. With a few minor improvements, this chair could be considered one of the best.

The Good Stuff

Complete with two stages of zero gravity allowing you to choose the most comfortable position for you. The Ergonomic S-Track design contours to a variety of spine shapes giving you the most out of your massage.

Take advantage of the body scanner to map the curvature of your back. The auto leg scan adjusts to your individual leg length as well. You will receive a more accurate, more precise rub with this chair.

Whether you choose one of the preset programs or you can simply control the type, intensity, speed and location throughout your experience with the remote.

This model uses techniques such as kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, rolling, Swedish or a combination thereof.

Two heating pads on either side of the lumbar relax your muscles, so you get a deeper more beneficial rub. Hip and lumbar areas are kneaded with an air squeeze and seat vibration.

This chair uses 14 individual air bags to give you a complete body rub. Arms, calves, and feet are stimulated with the utilization of an air massage. A bonus to this chair is an extra set of shoulder airbags that help relieve tension in both neck and shoulders.

The Bad Stuff

This is big. At upwards of 250 pounds, you may need some backup when this big boy is delivered.

The maximum amount of time you can set this to is 30 minutes. After that, you can set it for another 30 minutes. However, after 60 continuous minutes of use, this chair will automatically shut down for a cool-down.

While the airbag massage is nice on the feet, it would be nicer to see an actual roller device for fatigued, aching feet.

Heating it up can take some five-plus minutes before you begin to feel it. For heat to aid in the process, it needs to melt into your body and fully relax muscles.

Throughout the massage, your remote will give you prompts allowing you to adjust intensity and seed. However, these loud beeps can be fairly annoying when trying to relax.

After contacting the manufacturer, it was determined the speakers could be physically removed without damage to the chair, but there is no ‘off’ button for the noise.

Final Verdict

Although this chair has some majorly advanced features, some details could be tweaked. We think in a few years, and a few minor change, this chair will be top of the line. If you want to get ahead of the game and receive a precise massage contoured to your body, this might be the chair for you.

Wrapping Up

Each of these chairs is among the best massage chairs on the market. However, there were several that stood out among the rest. The following chairs were carefully examined and found to have more benefits than downsides.

The clear, overall winner for us was the Kahuna LM6800. Approved by the FDA as a medical device, so you know you are getting the best. Loaded with the absolute latest in technology such as three levels of zero gravity, body scan technology, and unique yoga stretching function, it can’t be beaten.

For homes where space is a concern, we recommend the Human Touch iJoy-2310. The unique design of this chair will look great paired with just about any décor and can be used as a traditional piece of furniture. Recline to a near 180 degrees and let this chair work to relieve back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Finally, we’ve chosen the Best Choice Products model as an honorable mention. Due to the sheer amount of customizable options this chair is a users dream. Choose everything from your time to pressure of airbags, to intensity and speed of the real humanized hands. Take control of your massage while relaxing in one of its three zero gravity positions.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine which massage chair will work for your household. We hope with the help of this buyer’s guide and in-depth reviews, you will be one step closer to making a decision that fits both your needs and budget.

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