Panasonic EP1285KL Review – Big Brand with Good Quality?

It’s 6 p.m. Do you know where your stress, anxiety and daily tension belong? Planted firmly in a massage chair designed to relieve physical symptoms so you can get on with your life. As massage chairs go, the Panasonic EP1285KL is engineered to tackle many symptoms and stressors, so whether your goal is decompressing and relaxing or remediating pain in vulnerable areas of your body, the manufacturer claims this chair can do either. Given your unique reason for shopping massage chairs, it’s incumbent upon you to apply due diligence to your investigation before you pull out the plastic and move furniture around to accommodate your new best friend.

Panasonic EP1285KL


If you desire a massage chair that delivers more than an authentic Swedish massage, this is it. This chair delivers Chiropractic-, Kneading-, Hawaiian-, Percussion-, Compression-, Tapping-, Rolling- and Shiatsu-style massages via the chair’s two or four roller mechanism primed to deliver “palm realism.” Even if you’re tall, the 27-inch-long stroke won’t disappoint. Despite the hefty MSP, plenty of people have purchased this chair to obtain health benefits like acupoint stimulation, musculoskeletal relaxation, skin toxin release and appendage swelling relief in addition to relaxation benefits.

The Brand

While Panasonic doesn’t take credit for inventing the first massage chair, the firm wasn’t reticent to jump into the niche in 1969. With modest goals for initial product introductions—primarily stress reduction and back pain mediation—Panasonic’s research and development efforts extended to more serious therapeutic technology over time, which is how its chairs earned a coveted endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association for deep tissue relief. Panasonic designers kept physical space restrictions in mind too. The physical profile of this chair is made to fit into small spaces, a feature prized by people living in tight quarters.

Specifications and Features

The Air Ottoman System can relieve painful thigh and calf symptoms by lowering and raising legs in 20-degree increments as soothing rollers work to decrease edema and stretch muscles. Float Mechanism Technology emulates wrist and hand movements, ergo that palm realism effect Panasonic innovated. The remote control doesn’t require the assistance of a precocious 12-year-old, either. If you’re a stickler for specs, these should impress: there are 80 message combinations driven by the chair’s AC120V 60Hz power supply. The total massage area is 135 square inches across the back and 132 square inches delivered to the legs. A power recline feature extends from 120- to 170-degrees and the chair weighs a substantive 154.5 pounds so it’s a secure anchor. A program time indicator turns off the motor if you nod off.

The Good

Plenty of chair purchasers say that they never knew the meaning of back pain relief until the EP 1285 KL came along. Ultimate compliments come from people who replaced older models with newer ones, insisting they wouldn’t stray from the brand and model. Some buyers rave about pre-programmed settings while others like the manual settings option. For reviewers concerned about space, this chair is popular because it fits nicely into small rooms and for folks prioritizing aesthetics, trendy black and brown leather coordinates with other furnishings. Large numbers of 1285 chair owners appreciate the “real hands” feel of the massage unit plus the quiet hum of a motor that doesn’t interfere with the relaxation process. Consumers also give this chair high marks for the wide variety of massage options.

The Bad

For some pain relief seekers, human hands will always be the benchmark of a great massage and in their eyes, no message chair can deliver that experience. Perhaps that’s why the words “pressure” and “intensity” are so often invoked by people posting negative reviews about the 1285. These critics express both dissatisfaction and frustration when complaining that they can’t get results they seek because the chair doesn’t deliver sufficient pressure to make a difference. One chair owner even removed the cushion, propped the chair on its back and lay down on it, but he still couldn’t get relief, in this case it might be better to look at a stronger chair. The feature that most impressed people seeking relief from swelling legs and extremity pain initiated complaints from others who were turned off by the extreme tightness that made leg treatments downright uncomfortable–like a constricting blood pressure cuff.

The Verdict

Consumer expectations frequently produce extreme reactions that wind up as reviews, so apply due diligence to your shopping mission. In some cases, a tape measure could have solved space concerns and a “test drive” offered shoppers the chance to experience for themselves whether the motor delivered the intensity they sought. That said, the 1285 has a loyal fan base enamored with everything from its therapeutic benefits to the chair’s size and quiet operation. Called awesome, great and worth the price by many, plenty of consumers share a “if only the massage was stronger” sentiment. Your decision to buy one of these—particularly since this model is not inexpensive—is best followed up by finding and experiencing the chair in person. Liken this shopping experience to buying a car: You really must test drive it before you buy.

Panasonic EP1285KL

Panasonic EP1285KL Review – Big Brand with Good Quality?
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