Osaki OS-4000D Review – Great value for money?

The Osaki Zero Gravity Massage Chair (model 4000D) is a large and fully equipped massaging machine that can be purchased from Pro Therapy Supplies and delivered curbside free of charge. It comes in both charcoal grey and cream color options and is covered in synthetic leather. This is a “big league” massage station and will require a fairly major investment, but many have been quite happy with the product.

Osaki OS-4000D

Specifications and Features

The chair’s dimensions are 47 x 32.5 x 46 inches, and its weight is 215 lbs. It is very well padded and includes fittings for your legs and arms and a head/neck rest.

It is sturdy and stable due to its metal base and overall design and is wired up with a high tech electronic control panel and display screen that sits to the left side of the chair’s occupant. A remote control device is also included in the package for added convenience. Manual and automated massaging options are offered, and the speed, intensity, and location of the massage are all adjustable. Full body, partial body, or single area can be chosen. Massage-able zones include: neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back (lumbar region), buttocks, thighs, calves, feet, and arms.

Different massage style options are: roll, knead, clap, Swedish, shiatsu, combination. The chair features 32 air bags so positioned as to allow air bag massage all over the body, but the main work is done by the S-track massage robot with its body curve detection and micro adjustment capabilities. Auto timer, seat vibrator, six automatic settings, three width adjustments to cater to different-sized users, and excellent LCD display are also present.

The big definitive feature, however, is the full recline Zero Gravity setting. The idea of a chair position that makes the body feel nearly weightless was first derived from NASA experimentation in the constructing of Skylab in 1973 and has since migrated to the world of massage chairs.

The Good

The quality and variety of the chair’s massaging motions speak for themselves, but there are some additional good points to consider. White glove premium delivery is optional and can make things a lot easier on the purchaser. A three year warranty, including in-home repairs for the first year, is another bonus. The Zero Gravity feature enhances the power of the massage and automatically adjusts to your height. Many of the motions adjust to you in fact, a scanner first running over your body to acquire the contours. The heat option is nice in the winter time and shuts off after half an hour to keep things safe. The arm massager is a feature not included in most massage chairs, but part of this one. The display pictures which body part is to be targeted, and the controls, though they do so much, are relatively easy to use in fully customizing your massage experience. Finally, the chair costs quite a bit less than other machines with similar features.

The Bad

One complaint is that the chair must be assembled by the purchaser. Another commonly heard is that the calf massagers are a little tight and strong and that the arm clamps are not all that comfortable. Some find the rollers too weak and wish their range were extended somewhat. Some of this may stem from people who are very picky or, on the other hand, have little or no experience with priorly owned and used massage chairs, but it seems that the fit-size may be a little off for many when it comes to placing their body parts in the appropriate holding areas. One drawback could be that the machine simply takes up a lot of space, and another that it is quite expensive. But the cost in dollars and floor space will seem reasonable to most who are very concerned to have a massage chair- and who else would make the investment but those who are big fans of the massage chair idea? Electric surges are sometimes common with this chair, so a surge protector is a wise investment to protect your bigger investment. Another option is to unplug it while not in use. Finally, one could wish for real leather instead of something so easy for the cat to claw into, but, then again, not everyone has a cat and genuine leather would add that much more to the price tag.

The Verdict

On the whole, this is a very good chair for your buck. It is not a chair for the casual and occasional user, but for the person who wants a “major league” massage with all the perks and selection options in the comfort of their own home. It can help quite a bit to reduce back, shoulder, neck pain, etc., but is also usable by the whole family on “relax” mode. Those with jobs that contribute regularly to body pains and aches would well appreciate this chair’s massage treatment.

Osaki OS-4000D

Osaki OS-4000D Review – Great value for money?
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