Inada Sogno Dreamwave Review – Is it the best?

Many people are understandably hesitant before buying this chair from Inada. Although it has been regarded as the best money can buy, it also comes with a rather hefty price tag. So far after owning it for a while I have my obvious compliments and grips about it. The chair has held up very well but there are a few things I would fix which I detailed below.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

One of the main reasons I bought this chair was for the 3-year limited warranty for parts and labor. With how much this chair costs one would expect a decent warranty to cover it which this one does. I have not had any issues with the chair as of yet but if I do I know the company will help rectify the issue in no time. Customer service has been superb so far


Air Cells: 100
Motors: 13
Sitting Upright: 36.5 x 54.7 x 47.6″
Completely Reclined: 38.2 x 82.7 x 29.9″
Maximum Recline: 170-degrees
Manual Massage Type(s): 18 types

The Good

The massage. Obviously this is the best part! The chair offers a deep massage without being too invasive. If you’ve ever sat in one of those massage chairs in a mall that costs a lot of money you will understand where I am coming from. This chair gives a powerful massage without being too strong. I really enjoyed the preset full body massage which hits each area of the body. It is great to do in the morning before you head off to work (as well as when you come home!)

Comfort. The leather chair is plush and comfortable. It doesn’t seem to flatten out over time as most type of chairs like this do. It doesn’t seem to hold odours at all which is a big plus. I have had regular leather armchairs that tend to hold any odours regardless of what it is, so I am pleased too see (smell) this is not the case.

Color variations. I was given 4 different choices of colors for the chair which include black leather, dark brown leather, creme leather and red leather. I think most, including myself, have chosen the black leather model since it is a neutral color for any room. However I really liked the red leather which gave a more modern feel for those who like that type of decor.

Safety. Being a parent with two kids I am glad this chair has a way to prevent them from operating the chair. My youngest likes to sit in the chair but I would not recommend they get to use the chair as it is designed for adults. The company includes a child safety key and lock preventing them from operating the chair.

Conforms to your body type. This feature is VERY important since dependent on if your a larger framed man or maybe a smaller framed woman you want a chair that will conform to you. I knew not to buy the type of chair that is a “one size fits all” from past experiences. I’ve bought my share of massagers that you put over a chair and velcro them down. I can’t stress the importance of having an actual chair that confirms to your body type enough.

The Bad

The price. It is quite steep for the average buyer. However when you think how much a massage costs at a parlour then over time it can appear somewhat economical. Especially if the whole family is getting some use out of it regularly.

The foot rests. If you have this chair in a room with carpet, dust can collect overtime in the foot rests so expect to wipe them down every once in a while. I have found that wearing socks helps keep them cleaner in the long run.

Noise. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate it a 5. I would imagine it would have been a little more quiet but since it has so many motors, it does make sense that some noise is created.

The Verdict

All in all If you are are in the market for the ultimate massage chair then look no further than the Sogno Dreamwave. Nothing else can compare to it’s advanced and effective massage. Yes, it is rather pricey, but in this case you really get what you pay for. I have not had any issues as of yet and will make sure to update this review if I do. Otherwise I foresee myself enjoying this chair for many years.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Review – Is it the best?
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