Human Touch Massage Chair iJoy-2580 Review – Is it Worth the Price?

If you have never experienced the luxurious comfort of a Human Touch recliner, then you have been missing out! For 35 years, Human Touch has been the number one provider for innovative massage products. Not only are these great for health and wellness but are also very stylish and designed in many colors, styles, and sizes.

The iJoy 2580 Robotic Massage Chair by Human Touch is one of their best products for anyone in the market for a moderately priced massage chair that delivers everything imaginable. The state of the art features such as three different massage programs to choose from, a built in control panel, and power recline are well worth the investment.

Human Touch iJoy-2580

Specifications and Features

3 Automatic Massage Settings to choose from include: Refresh your entire back, relieve your neck and shoulders, or release your lower back. The option to refresh the entire back is a rejuvenating 15 minutes of uninterrupted massage on the entire length of the back. The neck and shoulder relief target those needing a little extra attention on the upper back and shoulder area. Last but not least, if a sore tailbone is causing grief, there is a selection for a 15 minute massage focused on the lower back. Along with these selections, there are a variety of massaging techniques that work in conjunction with the location chosen, such as “rolling” for the entire back, “kneading” for the neck and shoulders, and “pressure with percussion” found in the lower back options. The only frustrating trait consumers may find is that massage locations and techniques cannot be mixed, so no “rolling” for the lower back, and so forth.

Aside from the massage itself, there are many convenient properties that offer indulgent touches such as a built in control panel, a removable massage pad, even a nice cup holder to hold a drink as the massage is in process. There are wheels for mobility, although some may see that as drawback since that may be awkward when positioning for comfort.

Other technical specifications per the manufacturers website include:

  • Upright Chair Dimensions 44″L X 35″W X 40″H
  • Chair size (reclined): 58”L x 34”W x 27”H
  • Seat Width 18″
  • Distance to Wall 11.5”
  • Weight 113 lbs
  • Power operated
  • 15 minute Auto Time Shut-Off

The Good

  • Offers great therapy for anyone healing from an injury or experiencing pain.
  • Designed in a modern style that should be compatible with many tastes.
  • Comes very easy to put together plus no hassle in assembly or moving
  • A removable softening pad gives the user control over the intensity of the massage received. Keep the pad for a bit of a barrier for a gentler massage, remove for a stronger feel.
  • An auxiliary outlet is always a nice perk.
  • Customer Service is available Mondays through Fridays from 6am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time to assist with any problems, questions, or technical support.

The Bad

  • Massages all have an uninterrupted 15 minute limit only. Although it is easy to restart for a new massage, there is no way to extend the length, if say, a 30 minute uninterrupted massage is more desirable.
  • The size is on the large side which could be cumbersome to many. Along with that, at over 100lbs, it can be too heavy for some consumers.
  • Although the design is attractive, it is only produced in two colors: Espresso and Black. Very limited color choice as many people prefer lighter color schemes that include tan or white.
  • Despite the generous weight limit, it still only functions at a limit of 285 pounds for users. This means the larger sized consumers are not accommodated.
  • It is important to note that using this chair in a commercial setting voids the warranty. Per the manufacturers manual, it is meant for residential personal use only. Anyone looking to purchase this chair for a spa, salon, or any business in general might want to keep this in mind.

The Verdict

The iJoy 2580 by Human Touch is a great buy for those who are wanting to splurge for a top of the line product. While it isn’t necessarily an option on a tight budget, it is well under the price of many competitors that sell inferior quality. Some setbacks may include minor annoyances like lack of color choices or having to restart the massage after 15 minutes for longer therapies, however the only true deal breaker would be anybody needing a higher weight limit. Other than that, this device is well equipped to bring a world of pleasure and stress relief into your life.

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Human Touch iJoy-2580

Human Touch Massage Chair iJoy-2580 Review – Is it Worth the Price?
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