Does Health Insurance Cover Massage Chair?

The beauty and spa industry involves dealing with clients of all ages and at times accidents happen. When it comes to massage, as an owner, you need to have the right insurance cover to cover you and your massage chair in case an uncertainty happens, for example injury on the client or the chair experiences some malfunction or default, since I is an electronic equipment. Do you have enough money to cover for medical expenses, in case a client claims to have injured themselves while using the chair?

It is no doubt that most massage chair owners are not prepared or willing to take such financial risk. It is for this reason that most insurance firms are making efforts to provide owners and affordable liability cover for these chairs. This will give therapeutic chair owners a peace of mind in the long run.

Understanding the Massage Chair Insurance Covers

A therapeutic chair is classified as specialized durable medical equipment necessary and convenient for personal use.

A durable medical equipment is;

  • Reasonable, convenient and necessary for a given patient.
  • Can withstand repeated use, for example on a daily basis.
  • Is appropriate for domestic use.
  • Is primarily used to serve a medical purpose.
  • It is not useful if the patient has no illness or physical injury on them.

A therapeutic chair is not primarily used to serve a medical purpose unless when prescribed by a physician. It is also not a necessary equipment for the performance of essential activities in the user’s daily routine. It is only used in the treatment of pains and injuries in the body.

However, most insurers will demand a letter from the physician showing how the patient’s health maybe endangered if the chair is not used so as to provide cover for this equipment. The following conditions are considered necessary in order to get the chair covered;

Most firms have flexed different plans in order to cover these chairs. All you need to understand is how the insurer will expense the massage chair throughout your insurance plan. Most plans have the allowable expenses clause. However, you are going to find out that the chair has no code in order to accept therapeutic chairs as medical equipment.

Shopping for Correct Insurance Cover for Your Massage Chair

There are a variety of insurance covers that could cover the massage chair if it’s not captured in the medical equipment and Medicare coverage codes provided by most insurers.

  • Product Liability Insurance – This relates to a specific item being used in providing massage to the user. It protects the massage chair from any type of damage or malfunction that comes with using the chair.
  • Business Personal Property Insurance – This will cover or protect loss of the massage chair from fire or theft if it’s a massage vending chair.
  • General Liability Insurance – This insurance basically covers clients from “trip and fall” incidences. This is where the users of this chair are covered from any bodily harm that will come when using or enjoying a massage at your business premise.

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