Can A Massage Chair Cause Injury?

Massage chairs have been designed to work on the muscles of your body and relax them. This is the reason why people go for massages. In fact, having a massage chair will help you enjoy the therapy anytime you feel like. However, there comes a time when you go for a massage and your back feels hurt and your body sorer than it was. If so, then probably you have over done it. So what goes wrong? Let’s take a look.

How the Body Reacts to a Massage

Your body is made up of connective tissues and muscles. When you expose the body to massage, the pressure and manipulation is bound to create tears in these areas. The same thing happens when you try to work out an unused are when lifting objects or exercising. If a particular part is not used to this kind of pressure, the body will be stressed at a certain point. This is why a massage chair can cause an injury.

However, the pain should ease up within a few minutes after massage. In case the soreness continues or if the pain is severe, it is advisable that you consult a physician. The cause of the pain may be a herniated disk or a pinched nerve in your spine that may have been aggravated by the massage recliner.

The massage chair may also cause minor muscular soreness due to inflammation. It is important to understand that this is a healthy and normal response to stress. The inflammation is nothing but a self-protective response that triggers stiffness, soreness and finally repairs it. When you go to the gym to gain some muscles, your body develops with time to handle the additional stress. The same happens with massage. So this means that once your body has adjusted to the massage chair, you will not experience any additional pain whatsoever.

It is advisable that you incrementally increase usage if you begin using the massage chair after the pain subsides. This is to get your body used to the pressure and the motion of the chair.

You may have also experienced mild bruising during and after a massage session on your chair. Although it is very rare to get a bruise from any type of massage, a deep tissue massage on someone who bruises easily may experience some forms of bruises. This commonly depends on the age of the user or the medications he/she uses. So if your body has extreme soreness or if you feel like your pain can increase by using a massage chair, you are advised to adjust the settings on the chair. Consider using the RICE technique. This is the Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

That said, you may be contemplating on whether to get a massage chair or not. Well it all depends on how you use the recliner. Learn the different massage techniques the chair provides before you start using it. It is also important to limit the time you spend on a massage chair. You shouldn’t spend more than 20-30 minutes. Although you may be tempted to take a nap on the chair, staying on it for too long may cause the soreness if your back is not stable enough.

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