Are Massage Chairs Safe?

One of the best invention of recent years has to be the massage chair. If you are an elderly who suffers from chronic neck or back pain, then this is what you need. This chair is also beneficial for anyone who goes through a tough day and may need something to relief pain and tension. But this brings up the question – are massage chairs safe? The simple answer to that question is Yes. But just like any other electrical appliance in the house, it is safe as long as you follow precautions.

Power Connection Instructions

You should plug in the cord properly to an electric outlet when you want to use the chair. Also remember to unplug it with care. To stay safe and avoid any form, of electrocution, it is advisable to unplug the chair when you are cleaning. This means that you should avoid any form of water contact when the massage chair is plugged. So do not keep it in high humidity areas like sauna or steam room.

You should also avoid using the chair outdoors and in direct sunlight. Just like you would treat any other electrical appliance at home, you should do the same with the message chair. This includes drying your hands before you unplug or plug the cord. You should also not try to modify the power cord that comes with the chair. That’s how you stay safe with the power connections.

How to Use a Massage Chair Safely

To ensure that you stay safe and enjoy the healthy benefits of a massage chair when using it, there are some instructions you should consider. If the chair is being used by children or elderly, make sure you personally supervise the use. Make sure one person is using the chair at a time. To avoid damaging the chair or falling and eventually injuring yourself, you should not sit or stand on the footrest, backrest or armrest of the chair. You should also make sure your children or pets don’t take refuge below or behind the chair while the chair is in use.

More Safety Precautions

When using the chair, limit its usage to a maximum of 30 minutes in order to keep it functioning for long. Although you may want to keep the massage chair odorless and clean at all times, you should avoid spraying aerosol products while the chair is in use. Most people buy this chair to relieve a terminal pain. However, a user may be tempted to substitute the medications with a massage chair. Is shouldn’t be encouraged since it leads to over usage of the chair and may cause a malfunction.

Since grownups using the chair may leave hair, lint and other type of litters in the air openings, you should always make sure that this area is free from any blockage. Since there are movements involved when you use a massage chair, you should stay safe by making sure the chair is placed on a flat, solid ground for stability.

That said, you can make a massage chair as safe as you want it to be. This device functions like any other electrical appliance and needs care. It can be unsafe if you do not adhere to the instructions above. If you are uncertain of anything, make sure you contact the company for help.

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